Nothing is more important to us than the values that lie at the heart of our ethos. Nurturing the following values brings the ‘hearts and minds’ of VJT & Partners’ lawyers together as one successful team:


Inspiring Leadership

True, inspiring leadership is a rare skill perfected by very few leaders. The main secret of good leadership is to have a clear understanding of human beings. We must trust each other; be responsive, and do everything we are able to. People have to be inspired to develop, to enjoy their work and to become real masters of collaboration.

Striving for Perfection

Incomplete or imperfect never satisfies us. We encourage everyone, including ourselves, our clients and business partners, to excel. We are always on the cutting edge, continuously pushing our boundaries.


We are committed, and we shall remain committed, to our values, to our clients and to our people. We have a clear idea what we want to achieve and we are committed to realising our goals. We are devoted to ongoing learning, development and long-term collaboration.


Courage means that we do what we are able to do. We will not tell you what you want to hear – we will tell you what you need to hear. We are not afraid to try something new. We will not retreat if the going gets tough. We take responsibility for everything we do and are proud of our loyalty to our clients.


Our work should not only be excellent but – at the same time – be harmonious. We want to live and work in harmony; every paper, every presentation, every meeting, everything we create should reflect harmony and beauty.